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Tracy opened her new studio at Alby on 1st October 2016. Here she has been able to expand her workspace and have space dedicated to the display of work. Her themes vary, as does the media she uses to create them. Whether a piece of work is a hand made print, pastel, graphic or ceramic depends on which materials she feels will best express her ideas.

She uses an etching press for the majority of her printmaking. Each print is individually inked and rolled through the press. Her editions are very small, rarely more than 25 prints per edition. This is due to the fragility of some of the plates and Tracy’s desire to keep the work fresh.

Oil paintings by her husband, Krys Leach, are also on show in the gallery. She and Krys are occasional world travellers, having been fortunate to visit some extraordinary places, including the Antarctic, Australia, Iceland, Zimbabwe and Galapagos. They both base much of their work on these travels.

For more information and to view a larger selection of work visit:

Visit Tracy’s studio/gallery:

Unit 7, Lower Courtyard, Alby Crafts & Gardens, Cromer Road, Erpingham, Norwich, NR11 7QE.

Please check her website for opening days and times, especially if you are making a special journey.

To contact Tracy:

phone: 01263 768853
email: [email protected]